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Exclusive Interview of HTT in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Time:2 November 2016 Click:542

Since its establishment in 1997, Hochent (Shanghai) Machinery Development Co., Ltd. (briefly known as "HTT") has always focused on deep hole drilling technology research and development, and takes "becoming No.1 in world's deep hole drilling field" as its strategic objective. At first, we were the domestic agent of the German deep-hole drilling machine, and then began to do deep hole OEM for customers, and then independently design and manufacture deep-hole drilling machine. After the successful transition from trade to manufacturing, HTT has actively cooperated with foreign advanced deep-hole drilling machine manufacturers, and on the basis of this, HTT has developed its own deep-hole drilling machines with complete models. Years ago, we acquired intellectual property rights from an old German deep-hole drilling machine manufacturer. Through continuous accumulation, learning and innovation, HTT gradually reduces the gap with the European and American counterparts. Besides, taking the domestic as the base, it gradually sells HTT deep hole drilling machines to all places around the world, including Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Brazil and India.

The advantage of HTT is that we have our own deep hole external machining factory which can provide one-stop service including machine tools, special cutting tools and custom-made products and trial processing. We are Botek's largest domestic agent; we can provide favorable after-sales service including the supply of tools, and make processing technology with customers; we have 11 processing plants throughout the country and can provide processing services to customers, while customers can have in-depth understanding of HTT's high-quality machine tools and services, and carry out trial processing nearby.

Exclusive Interview of HTT in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Facing fierce competition and low-margin market challenges, HTT always sticks to its own way. By industry sales, profoundly sort out industry and market, provide the suitable, the best and professional machine tool in subdivided industry; enhance the quality of processing parts and processing efficiency. HTT products take up high domestic market shares. For automotive valves, multinationals, such as General Motors and Volkswagen, which have high quality requirement, have designated their suppliers to use our machines for processing.

During the automechanika Shanghai 2015, HTT focused on the automotive parts manufacturing applications. Based on this platform, we hoped to further understand the requirements of customers in the automotive industry and promote HTT advanced technologies and equipment for the automotive industry. At the same time, we focused on overseas markets, and provided the global users with new technologies and new equipment, hoping to link up domestic and foreign markets, to achieve balanced development. We have the ability to target at different needs of domestic and foreign customers for machine tools, and provide differentiated and humanistic products and services.