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A Brief Introduction of Basic Parameters of Processing Gun Drill of Gun Drilling Machine

Time:2017-06-08 Click:1512
The gun drill of gun drilling machine for processing is an effective tool for deep hole machining which boasts a wide processing range from mold steel, glass fiber and Teflon etc. to high strength alloys (such as P20 and Cr Nickel-iron alloy). Gun drill is special deep hole processing tool for external chip removal. The v-type angle is 160 °. For deep hole processing with strict requirements of tolerance and surface roughness, gun drill can ensure the hole size accuracy, position accuracy and straightness.

In order to achieve a satisfactory result when drilling deep holes, it is necessary to master the performance (including tools, machine tools, fixtures, accessories, workpieces, control units, coolant and operating procedures) of the gun drill system. The skill level of the gun drilling operator is also important. According to the structure of the workpiece and the hardness of the workpiece material and work conditions and quality requirements of deep hole machining machine, select the appropriate cutting speed, feed, tool geometry, carbide grades and coolant parameters to obtain excellent processing performance.

gun drilling machine

The standard gun drills can process holes with diameter from 2.5mm to 75mm, and the drilling depth can reach 100 times of the diameter. Specially custom-made gun drill can process deep hole with diameter of 150mm and depth of 5,080mm.

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