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Deep Hole Drilling Is Mainly Used for High Precision Machining

Time:2017-11-09 Click:2856
    Precision machining requires the use of deep hole drilling machine while deep hole drilling machine has different ways of discharging for processing different types of holes. For deep holes, it’s deep hole discharging. For micro-hole processing, it’s micro-hole processing. This can not only improve efficiency and accuracy, but also greatly reduces the difficulty of processing. During processing, do not ignore site cleaning. Under unstable discharging, stop the machine for cleaning. And if there are residual debris, people have to clean up.

The speed of deep hole drilling machine has cutting speed and feed speed while props structure, materials and workpiece material are the key to determine cutting speed which is usually 50-100 m/min. The feed speed is based on processing conditions and process conditions which is usually 10-100 mm/min. For the use of deep-hole drilling machine, in addition to the basic knowledge of equipment, it’s necessary to know its development trend in the industry.


Deep hole machining has a very important position in the field of machining. With the progress of science and technology, new types of high-difficulty processing parts continue to appear, the workpiece also increases requirements of the depth, precision and efficiency continuously. Therefore, deep hole processing becomes industrial difficulty. However, the emergence of deep-hole drilling machine solves the problems of the traditional processing methods due to process system stiffness, cutting discharge and cooling lubrication, and it gradually meets the industrial requirement of deep hole processing. With the development of China's machinery manufacturing, deep hole processing is no longer limited to military industry, aerospace and other specific areas, deep-hole drilling equipment and technology have been widely used in all walks of life.

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