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Features of HTT Gun Drilling Machine

Time:2017-10-11 Click:1906
Hochent Machinery specializes in providing gun drilling machine and Botek gun drilling tools and drilling aids, Tel: 4008209218, products are: deep hole drill, deep hole drilling machine, gun drill, deep hole machining, Botek tool, deep hole drilling and boring machine, grinding machine, CNC multi-axis/valve/coordinate/ring mode/BTA deep-hole drilling machine tools, drill sets, support sets, fixtures, drill bits, boring machine and honing machine.


The deep hole drill is improved on the basis of single-chip cutting deep-hole drill. Its cutting edge is double-sided, the chip is cut from both sides and enters the drill pipe through the double-sided chip hole for discharging. During gun drilling, the drill rod is fixated by the special chunk inside spindle and rotate by the spindle while the workpiece feeds with the carriage. The machine table is equipped with a liquid inlet, and is sealed with the left end of the workpiece through an O-ring. The pressurized cutting fluid is injected from the liquid inlet of the infusion device and flows into the cutting area through the gap between the outside diameter of the drill rod and the hole wall. The cutting tool is cooled and the chip is transported with the cutting fluid through the liquid outlet of the special chunk and is discharged from the discharge tank.