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How Does Deep Hole Honing Machine Implement Standard Operation?

Time:2017-11-09 Click:2413
Deep hole honing machine is a specially-made deep hole drill, which is used for straight feed workpiece and rotary honing deep hole honing. It represents advanced and efficient hole machining technology with high precision, efficiency and consistency. So during running, what are the norms of deep hole honing machine? Here is an introduction:

Vertical Type Honing Machines

1. When people adjust the speed, stroke, clamping tools and workpieces of deep hole honing machine and wipe the machine, the machine should be shut down.

2. For automatic cutting, it’s necessary to select feed speed and adjust the stroke limit block. Manual feed generally accords with the principle of gradual pressurization and decompression, to avoid excessive force which leads to the occurrence of accidents.

3. Use radial drill, and there should be no barriers in the horizontal arm rotation range. No floating objects can be on the horizontal arm and workbench.

4. After deep hole honing machine is running, do not touch the moving parts, cutting tools and transmission parts. It is forbidden to transfer or take tools, etc., through the rotating part of the machine.

5. If there is long iron bits on the drill bit, stop to clear, prohibit mouth blow, hand pull, and brush or hook should be used for removal.

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