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HTT Gun Drilling Machine

Time:2017-08-17 Click:2194

HTT gun drilling machine mainly relies on specific drilling technology (such as gun drilling, BTA drilling etc.). The professional machines that process deep holes with the length-diameter ratio above ten and fine shallow holes are known as the gun drilling machine. It represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology that boasts high precision, high efficiency and high consistency.


It represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology. Through one-time processing, it can achieve precise processing effects, and the hole position after processing is accurate with favorable size accuracy; it also has high surface finish. The machine can process different types of deep holes conveniently. It can not only be used to process large diameter deep holes but the shallow holes as well, and the smallest drilling diameter can reach 0.7mm.


Processing precision

The gun drilling machine is a special machine for deep hole processing with high precision, high efficiency and high automatic degree. Depending on advanced hole processing technology (gun drilling, BTA drilling etc.), through continuous drilling, it can achieve processing accuracy and surface roughness that normally only many processing steps can reach. Machining hole diameter precision: IT7 ~ IT11; processing hole deflection: ≤ 0.5 ~ 1/1000 (machining hole depth); machining hole surface finish: Ra0.2 ~ 6.3um