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HTT Patented Product, CNC Gun Drilling Compound Machine Tool

Time:2016-11-10 Click:1533
HTT five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is a new type of advanced deep-hole processing machine tool which integrates deep-hole processing and milling etc. Machine tool structure is similar to floor-type boring and milling machine, with mobile columns and CNC precision rotary table, and can achieve four-axis linkage machining, and rapid complete switching between deep hole drilling mode and milling mode. Besides, it can also realize the spindle up-and-down swing function, process vertical oblique holes, and increase the common tool magazine based on customer requirements, and achieve rapid tool change. Therefore, this machine tool is the first choice for deep hole processing of the mold and other complex parts.

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

HTT is the deep-hole manufacturer with complete processing solutions of deep-hole drill, deep hole honing machine and Botek gun drill. It boasts 11 external plants and a number of offices around the country as well as 15 years’ experience of deep hole processing. Hotline:+1 414 304 5637