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Precautions for Deep Hole Drilling

Time:2017-10-12 Click:2352
We have the corresponding precautions for processing different materials. Especially for deep hole drilling, HTT introduces deep hole drilling precautions and hopefully people can read this article carefully.

deep hole drilling machine die mould

1. The cutter arbor is limited by the hole diameter, and it has small diameter, great length, resulting in poor rigidity and low strength. It’s easy to produce vibration, ripple and taper in cutting, and affects the straightness and surface roughness of deep holes.

2. In the drilling and reaming, the cooling lubricant in the absence of special equipment can’t easily be enter the cutting area, decreasing the cutter durability and making chip removal difficult.

3. In the deep hole machining process, people can not directly observe cutting condition of the cutting tool but only listen to the sound based on cutting experience, see the chip, feel vibration and the workpiece temperature, view the instrument (oil pressure meter and ammeter), to determine whether the cutting process is normal.

4. For chip removal is difficult, its’ necessary to use reliable means to chip and control the length and shape of the chip for smooth exclusion and to prevent chip clogging.

5. In order to ensure smooth deep hole processing and to achieve the required processing quality, increase the tool inner (or outer) chip removal devices, tool guidance and support devices and high pressure cooling lubrication device.

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