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A deep hole drilling machine integrating multiple functions of gun drill/BTA drill, milling and tapp

Time:2020-11-27 Click:796

Looking back to 2017, the most impressive jobs for workers in the machinery industry are the global four - four machine tool show Germany EMO and Beijing CIMT. Everyone knows that EMO is an international exhibition of high-standard machine tools. Compared with the other three major machine tool exhibition, its technical content and international influence are greater.

HTT presented EMO with a deep hole drilling and milling compound machine developed independently

HTT independent research and development of deep hole drilling and milling complex machine gun drill machine set/BTA drilling, milling, tapping into an organic whole, can quickly switch mode of drilling and milling. According to the customer's requirement, we can increase the common tool storehouse and change the tool quickly, which is suitable for processing complex parts.
The machine is made of the main shaft swing structure and the CNC rotating table, which is the drill/BTA diamond, the milling and the multi-function of the deep hole drilling machine, and the ability to switch the deep hole milling mode in short time, but to provide the customers with sophisticated molds processing.