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Deep Hole Drilling Machine Cam Shaft


Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name:HOCHENT Name: Deep Hole Drilling Machine Cam Shaft Export: Japan, America, German, Italy, India
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HTT make horizontal deep hole drilling machine to drill oils holes on  any type of power or transmission shafts used on automotives or off high way vehicles.
Depends on customer parts requirements, we can offer relatively wide selection of choice for customer to consider.
For on center holes we can make K series lathe type deep boring machine with or without counter rotation.
For off center holes we can design a multi spindle machine with special part holding fixturing.
If a part has both on center and off center holes, our multi spindle 3 axis knee type KBA series machine can be considered.
For angle holes, we can make a multi station machine with special part holding fixturing, tooling and chips box to get finished part from raw in each machine cycle.
No matter on center, off center or angle hole required on any shafts, HTT can provide you a specific deep hole drilling solutions.

Profile of deep hole drilling machine of Camshaft and Gear shaft
Camshaft is key component on the engine to control open and close of engine valve. Gear shaft is switching speed on the gearbox. They are mainly made by cast iron and carbon steel materials.
Horizontal deep hole drilling machine is designed for camshaft and gear shaft. We have two spindles and four spindles with loading and unloading device. The depth range of hole: 200—800m;Diameter of hole rang: ¢5—¢30mm.


1,High precision; precision of hole: IT8-IT10; straightness: 0.5/1000mm; surface roundness: Ra1.6-3.2
2,High productivity; four workpieces one time, cycle time short;
3,Wide application;all kinds of casting iron and steel materials
4,Long service life; we are the agent of BOTEK gundrill tools
5,Alarm system; control system will alarming when fault
happened and feedback to system to fix it.

Deep Hole Drilling Machine Cam Shaft data
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