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Deep Hole Drilling Machine Fuel Injection Parts

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name:HOCHENT Name: Deep Hole Drilling Machine Fuel Injection Parts Export: Japan, America, German, Italy, India
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Fuel Injection deep hole drilling boring machine; mainly drilling the oil return hole in injection

Drilling range: 1-4mm;1.5-6mm;4-16mm;
Drilling depth: 300mm;500mm;800mm;
Drilling method: Spindle and work piece rotating or Spindle rotating, work piece stationary;
Spindle drive method: Mechanical drive or Motorized drive;
Advantage: Reliable; Roughness value higher than Ra 1.6;
Application: Nozzle, injector body, plunger sleeve, pump body and common rail;
Main customer: Asimco, Nanyue, Weifu, Longbeng, Delphi.

HTT has been the sole gun drilling machine supplier for a world famous Germany car manufacturer to drill engine valve and fuel ejecting parts since 2008.

Gun drilling engine valve is highly technical challenge to the machine builder, which require special knowledge on automatic parts feeding, holding fixturing, gun drilling tooling and in process gauging.
HTT has successfully developed a complete data base for customers either to drill stem end (small) or bell end (large).
Usually the EAU of engine valve and fuel ejection parts are pretty high, so we offer either four or six spindle gun drilling machine with drilling capacity of 1 – 4mm, 1.5 – 6 mm, 4 – 16 mm with drilling depth 300 mm, 500 mm, 800 mm.
All machines will come with counter rotation spindle to maintain CPK requirements.
Compact and high speed motorized spindle is also used to reduce space and cycle time.
HTT 4 spindle and 6 spindle gun drilling machines have track record in gun drilling engine valve and fuel injection with many OEM in auto industry. Reference can be provided upon request

Deep Hole Drilling Machine Fuel Injection Parts data
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