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Horizontal Type Honing Machine


Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name:HOCHENT Name: Horizontal Type Honing Machine Export: Japan, America, German, Italy, India
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1.The honing process overview
Honing machines is a commonly used finishing process, the honing process is a special form of grinding, and finishing in a highly efficient machining method.This process can not only remove larger machining allowance, and is a kind of parts size accuracy and geometric accuracy and surface roughness of effective processing method, can obtain high dimensional accuracy, high shape accuracy and low roughness (up to Ra 0.05), and produces the desired oil-bearing crosshatch pattern., is widely applied in mechanical manufacturing industry.

2.The classification of honing machine

The types of deep hole honing machine: plane honing machine, cylindrical honing toolings, inner hole honing machine, etc. Honing machine form is divided into two kinds, one of type is vertical honing machine, the other one is horizontal honing machine. At present, honing machine for the inner hole is widely used in the world.

3. The honing process characteristics and application scope

1) honing can obtain higher dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, and machining precision to IT7 ~ IT6 ,hole roundness and cylindricity can be controlled within the range of 3 ~ 5 microns, honing process cannot improve the positional accuracy of the bore.
2) Honing can obtain high surface quality and surface roughness, Ra is 0.2 ~ 0.025 microns.
3) Compared with the grinding speed, circular velocity of honing tool is not high, but because of honing stone and the workpiece contact area is large, Stroke speed is relatively high, so the honing still have higher productivity.

Honing in the large number of mass production is widely used in the engine cylinder hole and all kinds of hydraulic equipment for precision hole processing, bore size range for dia. 5 ~ 500 ㎜ or larger, and deep processing of length to diameter ratio is more than 10.

Horizontal deep hole honing machine
Horizontal honing machine, its axis is parallel to the work surface. General design for the single axis, on the production line can be designed into linear array. Horizontal honing machine structure with single axis is simple, and can be divided into small horizontal honing machine and large horizontal honing machine.

The biggest characteristic of small horizontal honing machine is that a machine manufacturing cost is low. The reliability of the machine is very high. Its characteristic is that workpieces in a relatively floating state, itself-weight can't be completely eliminated. So, small horizontal honing machine generally applicable to the diameter of less than 30 mm, weight is not more than 1, 5 Kg of the workpiece.

Large horizontal honing machine is designed for processing more than 1 m in length, maximum length up to 16 m, diameter range: 20mm up to1500 mm, its processing characteristic is honing the spindle in a relatively floating state, the weight of spindle still has certain influence on precision.

Horizontal Type Honing Machine data
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