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Mould Deep Drilling Machines


Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name:HOCHENT Name: Mould Deep Drilling Machines Export: The Netherlands , Germany, the United States, South Africa
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HTT build two series (KB and KBR) of multi axis horizontal deep hole boring machine for mold industry.

KB series has three axes and large precision machined table which can be equipped with a rotary table to allow mold maker to have access to each side for multiple operations. Additional tool attachment can be exchanged with gun drill for milling, tapping and engraving after gun drilling.

Also, KB is an ideal machine for job shop to add mould  deep drilling machines capability to improve its competitiveness and business scope because of its flexibility and economics.

KBR/KCR series cnc  drilling machine have total 6 axes, which give mold maker all the necessary tools to do as much operations as possible on one machine with one set up to reduce non value added operations such as material handling, removing, reposition and reclamping to improve mold making thru put time and profitability.
KBR/KCR series is equipped Fanuc control, BT40/BT50 tool spindle, NC rotary table and tilting tool. With the traveling column design it give mold makers even more flexibility during the setup.

Mould deep drilling machines is a new type deep hole drilling machine, combined with deep hole boring machine and drilling. The structure is similar as Floor type boring and milling machine; included moveable column and precision rotary worktable. It can processing with four axles; quick switch between deep hole drilling and boring; the main shaft could swing to drilling the vertical hole; we can also achieve tools quick switch by adding the tools according the customers requirement. mould deep drilling machines is the best choice of cnc  drilling machine for complicated mould;

1.Adopting the numerical control rotary table, the 360 degree machining can be realized.
2.machining range: clockwise 15 degree; counter clockwise 25 degree.
3.Three function combination:drilling, boring and milling
4. Processing the complicated mould with four axles.

Fixed column and traveling column multi axis gun drilling machine.
The fixed column gun drilling machine (KB series) is the most cost effective and flexible gun drilling machine for mold makers. An additional rotary table can be

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