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KBR Deep Hole Drilling Mould Making

Name: KBR Deep Hole Drilling Mould Making
Export: The Netherlands , Germany, the United States, South Africa

HTT has built two series (KB and KBR) of multi-axis, horizontal, deep hole boring machine for the mold industry.
The KB series has three axes and a large precision machined table which can be equipped with a rotary table to allow access to each side for multiple operations.
An additional tool attachment can be exchanged with the gun drill for milling, tapping and engraving.
The KBR/KCR series CNC drilling machine has a total of 6 axes allowing the customer to perform as many operations
as possible on a single machine.
With one set-up, you can reduce material handling,  repositioning,  removing and re-clamping to improve the profitability of mold making.
This series is equipped with Fanuc control, BT40/BT50 tool spindle, NC rotary table and tilting tool.
The traveling column design gives mold makers greater flexibility during set-up.
Mold deep drilling machines are an innovative deep hole drilling machine which combine deep hole boring and drilling.
With such broad adaptability, it is a great choice for makers of complex molds.
· 360-degree machining can be achieved with its numerical control table
·  Its range is 15 degrees clockwise and 25 degrees counter-clockwise
· Able to provide 3 functions, drilling, boring and milling and capable of producing the complicated mold using 4 axels

Technical Data

Machine   typeKBR1000KBR1300KBR1500
Drilling   dia. (mm)φ3-φ30φ3-φ30



Drilling   depth (mm)100013001500
Spindle   speed (rpm.)600060006000
Spindle   motor power (kW)7.5/11(30min)7.5/11(30min)18.5/22(30min)
X-axis   table cross travel (mm)10002000300020003000
Y-axis   drilling unit vertical (mm)8001200150012001500
Z-axis   column travel (mm)400600600
B-axis   (turning speed and range) (r/min)5.52.782.78
A-axis:   tilting spindle (option)- 15°~ + 25°
X, Y,   Z-axis: rapid travel (mm/min)600060006000
Table   size (mm)1000X10001300X13001300X16001300X16001600X1800
Weight   (T)3032384042
CNC   ControlSYNTEC/FANUC/Others

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