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Why Choose HTT

HTT has the network over the world. The headquarters is in Shanghai and there are over 10 branch offices and factory in China. HTT has the overseas branch office and job-shop drilling in Metzingen, Germany, in Wisconsin, USA, in Mumbai & Chennai, India. We have more than 100 patents, including utility model patents, invention patents and appearance patents.

Our Advantage

 Over 20 years experience
 Integrated with German quality
 Machine + Tooling +Jobshop
 Reliable pre-and after-sales service
 Have global network map

Over 20 years experience

HTT was specialized in deep hole drilling and have more than 20 years of experience. We can supply deep hole drilling solutions for following industries: Automotive, Oil field; Nuclear Power; Mold; Hydraulic; Medical; Military; Aerospace; and so on. HTT main products include deep hole drilling machine, deep hole drilling tool, deep hole drilling jobshop, tool accessories, honing machine and tool, machine parts. We have hundreds of deep hole drilling machine exported to the UK, Germany, Japan, Holland, Brazil, India, Thailand, Russia, Hungary, etc.

Integrated with German quality

HTT cooperates with the world's leading manufacturer of deep hole drilling tools, Germany botek, to provide a wide range of deep hole machining tool solutions. Only the machine and the tool as well to match and achieve the best effect. We cooperate with Botek to ensure that users get the most perfect solution for their need.
We sale small diameter carbide gundrill with minimum diameter 0.5mm, a diameter of 1.85-113.99mm gundrills and diameter 7.76-500mm full range of BTA and injector tools.
We have a large number of botek tools inventory, you can get the Germany botek tools from HTT in fastest way.

Machine + Tooling +Jobshop

HTT specializes in making high-precision drill bush and tool accessories. We have sufficient stock for drill bushes, drill bush holders, whip guides, sealing discs and tool accessories. Custom-made non-standard parts can be made according to your drawings.
The tolerance is as little as ± 0.005mm, the smallest ID can be 0.3mm.They are for metal, mold, medical equipment, aerospace and other industries.

CNC vertical honing machine (VHM) and CNC horizontal honing machine (HM) are HTT’s main products.
For all of the honing machine, honing spindle are adopted full servo control unit, high precision control by German CNC system, with independent intellectual property honing control unit CUZ1. So this series CNC honing machine can realize machining difficulty, high dimensional accuracy, long diameter ratio, long and thin hole for precision parts processing.

With more than 60 deep hole drilling machine, we can provide customers with fast, high-quality and precision deep hole drilling processing services, we have accumulated a wealth of experience. After continuous exploration and improvement, and further meet a variety of customer's needs, processing hole dia. from φ1 ~ φ40 (gun drill), hole depth is up to 3 meters, processing parts weight up to 5 to 10 tons.

We can also provide the Secretary for the development of new products processing business, welcome your calls and visits!

Have global network map

By 2022, over 900 various deep hole drilling machines have been delivered to worldwide, including Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Russia, Holland, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China, India, Bangladesh, etc. 
Hundreds of valued customers in various industries, including aerospace, defense, nuclear, oil and gas exploration, construction machinery, automotive, die mould, pellet mill, glass mould, medical parts, etc.

Reliable pre-and after-sales service

Now, HTT has developed online shopping in Amazon(
Customers can scan the code and order online.
If in doubt, please consult customer service.


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