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Deep Hole Drilling Machine Connection Rod

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HOCHENT
Name: Deep Hole Drilling Machine Connection Rod
Export: Japan, America, German, Italy, India

Deep Hole Drilling Solutions  Specially design according to the features connection rods,such as drilling-in from small end or big end
4 simulaenously  drill 4 Pcs of con-rod, cydetime is less than 1 minule
High oil position accuracy

The fixture with airtight inspection and error-prevention

Connecting rod used on highway and off highway vehicles, or any machinery require off center oil holes for lubrication purpose.

HTT gun drilling machine bed is high strength welded steel, high pressure coolant with Moog pump and Siemens CNC control.

Depending upon the part geometry and hole locations, a custom designed machine with special holding fixturing and tooling are required.
HTT engineering team can tailor deign a multi station gun drilling system to allow customer to get finished part for each cycle in a Lean Manufacturing production environment.

We have successfully provided customers with a four station gun drilling machine with power clamping to drilling simultaneously to allow customer to get four finished parts from each cycle.

The fool proof fixturing with leaking detect is a modular design which can be quick change over within part family.

We will do turnkey delivery including run off at HTT factory prior to the shipment, then HTT factory trained technician will do installation, production start up and training at customer factory.

Deep Hole Drilling Machine Connection Rod specification

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