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What is BTA drilling?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-20-2022      Origin: Site

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BTA stands for Boring and Trepanning Association, and is also sometimes referred to as STS (single tube system) drilling, as it uses one single drill tube for the BTA tool, compared to other processes such as ejector drilling, which use two.

BTA drilling is a deep hole drilling method which was created by the Boring and Trepanning Association in the 1940's.

BTA drilling is a deep hole drilling process that uses a specialized drilling tool on a long drill tube to produce deep holes in metal, from holes with a diameter of 20 mm [0.80 in] and larger, up to depth-to-diameter ratios of 400:1.
BTA drilling is the most effective method of drilling deep holes, as it is a cleaner, more reliable and capable process than conventional twist drills, and can achieve larger diameters and higher feed rates than the alternative gundrilling.

BTA drilling tool heads are threaded or mounted onto long drill tubes, and use multiple cutting insert on a single tool to remove chips efficiently, flushing them out with high-pressure coolant through holes in the tool head, then out the drill tube and through the machining spindle.
BTA tooling is available in brazed or inserted carbide configurations.

HTT has being dedicated in deep hole drilling for over 25 years.
We offer a full line of deep hole drilling machines with tailored made specifical fixturing and machine configurations to meet customer applications and requirements.

You can contact us for information about our deep hole drilling machines & BTA machines.


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