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Siemens PLC How Can Good Application in HTT Deep Hole Drilling Machine?

Author: HTT USA     Publish Time: 03-06-2023      Origin: HTT USA

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Siemens PLC How Can Good Application in HTT Deep Hole Drilling Machine?

1. Siemens PLC Control System6382009939734038276256754 

Germany's SIEMENS production of programmable controller in our country is quite widely used, Siemens S7 series PLC small volume, fast speed, standardization, with network communication capabilities, stronger function, high reliability.

S7-1200, short for SIMATIC S7-1200, is a compact, modular PLC that can complete simple logic control, advanced logic control, HMI and network communication tasks.

2.HTT and Siemens PLC

Currently, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers, HTT has completed the use of Siemens PLC S7-1200 to replace the electrical design of the CNC system.It can effectively solve the problems of difficult labor and lack of talents faced by customers, and can let more workers who do not understand CNC knowledge through simple training can independently complete the machine tool operation.It reduces the threshold of equipment use, so as to expand the customer group.

3. Application of Siemens PLC on HTT Machine

· S7-1200 has powerful communication function, and it is convenient to communicate with the host computer by connecting the PLC through the switch network cable.Data reads are shared.After installing the remote module, it is convenient to remote control and find fault analysis!

· The operation main screen of S7-1200 can vividly display the real-time status of the spindle motor, the high-pressure cooling pump and the spindle servo motor, and truly monitor the load performance of the main components of the equipment, so as to realize the real man-machine interaction, so that the operator can better use and protect the equipment.

· Automatic function: Automatic function can be simply set several processing parameters, and then press start, you can realize automatic processing, automatic stop after processing.In the processing parameters, the feed speed and the processing depth can be set in sections.

· The user interface supports a variety of languages, including Chinese and English by default, if you need to add more national languages, you can also develop more!

· Tool wear warning function

· Manual function: Through the manual page, in the selection of the knob switch to manual mode, it is very convenient to independently test whether the execution of each machine drive component is normal, to the maximum possible convenience of users to quickly troubleshoot faults!

· The I/O signal of the machine tool and the running state of the equipment can be monitored in real time.

· In the machine tool automatic page, there is Z axis point control function.Since the automatic page is the main monitoring screen during processing, in order to facilitate the user's processing operation, as little as possible to switch the page, so when the switch knob switch is in the manual position (or adjustment position), you can press JOG+ and JOG- to complete the point operation.

· Servo axis debugging page. Through the servo axis debugging page, the servo situation can be manually tested. This page needs to be equipped with permission control and requires senior debugging personnel to enter.

· Permission setting, can be different pages and buttons for permission setting management.


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