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What is gundrilling machine?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-27-2022      Origin: Site

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Gundrilling machines is one type of deep hole drilling machine.
Gun drilling oil is delivered through the center of the gundrill, while a motor turns either the tool or the workpiece or both.
A feed system provides thrust to the tool to begin gundrilling.
The gun drill is guided accurately into the workpiece by a drill guide and bushing,

While drilling, chips are flushed out along the gundrill flute by the force of high-pressure coolant.
No peck drilling or interrupted feed is necessary to clear the chips. In order to drill very deep, precision holes in virtually any material.
Specialized machinery integrates capable technology required for gun drill support, coolant pressure, and machine power to handle deep hole gundrilling applications accurately and efficiently.

Machines are built on proven technology and typically configured based on workpiece size and shape, required production rates, and precision specifications.


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